Website Prices

Simple Website Design  $10.00/HR**
    Simple web design includes a website with only pictures/text and google gadgets/widgets.

Complex Website Design $15.00/HR**
    If you need anything complex such as client portals*, online payments*, or custom designed templates* you will need to choose complex web design.  

Simple Domain Name $20.00/Year
    A custom domain name includes the name (I.E. and domain management to set up DNS management and up to 5 sub domain forward per domain per year.

Complex Domain Name $20.00/Year+$15.00/HR** spent managing 
    A complex domain name includes the domain name (I.E. and domain management to set up any DNS settings, subdomain forwards, and email             forwarding option needed. 

Remove branding $25.00
    All websites will be branded with a "Website under management of text on the bottom of the page. To remove this pay a one time fee of $25.00.

Not sure what package(s) will fit you best? Contact us and tell us your website idea and we will tell you which package is best for you, honest, we will not try to sell you something you don't need. 

*Due to some limitation with the website software and website design skills, some things may not be possible with WebDesign
**We will bill in 1 Hour increments, rounding up. (I.E. We spend 1HR and 20MINS you will be billed for 2HRS)